Some sleep apnea treatment benefits can be instantaneous

PAP treatment benefits

With the right support, sleep apnea can be treated and some symptoms can be controlled within days.
Health benefits Some health benefits of treatment with positive airway pressure (PAP) using a CPAP, APAP or VPAP sleep apnea machine may include:

Health benefits may include

Reduced risk of workplace incidents
Weight loss
Longer life expectancy
Management of depression
Relative risk reduction of some heart disease
Management of high blood pressure
Management of diabetes
No more snoring!

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Lifestyle benefits Treating sleep apnea has been shown to improve quality of life:
Weight loss Treating sleep apnea may aide weight loss.9 If left untreated sleep apnea may make it more difficult to lose weight.

A poor night’s sleep may increase your cravings for high caloric food. It may also reduce your energy levels that you could otherwise use to exercise.

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