Healthy Sleep Solutions’ Patient Pathway

The Patient Pathway

Our Patient Pathway is a complete solution for the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Effectively treating OSA requires exceptional patient-provider communication.1 Your sleep physician and technician will work with you and your doctor to give you the greatest chance of managing your sleep apnea.
1. Identification of sleep apnea If you are at risk, your doctor will write you a referral for a home based sleep studyIf you think that you are at risk of having obstructive sleep apnea, download a referral to take to your doctor using the button below
2. Diagnosis of sleep apnea You will undertake an overnight sleep study from the comfort of your own bed We offer home based sleep tests. Your sleep technician will help you setup the Embletta MPR or Alice PDx sleep monitoring device which you will take home. Your sleep physician will provide a diagnosis and management recommendations within two weeks.
3. Treatment of sleep apnea If recommended by your sleep physician, your sleep technician will start you on a treatment introduction At Healthy Sleep Solutions we understand that everyone is different, so your sleep technician will work with you to ensure you have the best treatment for your circumstances. This may be treatment with positive airway pressure (PAP), or other treatments including dental appliances or positional therapy that encourages side sleeping. Read more about sleep apnea treatment options.
4. Treatment review Your sleep technician will review your treatment at regular intervals throughout the first year to make sure it remains comfortable and effective  
5. Ongoing management Your sleep technician is your sleep apnea life partner They will coordinate all aspects of your long-term treatment. This includes troubleshooting, servicing and annual reviews
The Healthy Sleep Solutions Patient Pathway is the gold standard for the diagnosis, treatment and long term management of OSA. Start your journey today.
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