What is a sleep test?

A sleep test is called a polysomnography.

It is a non-invasive procedure that will measure the quality of your sleep over an evening. A sleep physician will use this data to diagnose sleep disorders.

Types of sleep tests

Home based sleep tests A home sleep test is where you take a device home and sleep in your own bed

You will visit a sleep clinic where a sleep technician will help you set the device up in the afternoon. Home sleep tests are preferred by some patients and doctors as patients get to sleep in their own bed.

This information is then looked at by a sleep physician who will make a diagnosis.

Generally, home sleep tests are recommended for able bodied patients who have a high risk of uncomplicated sleep apnea. Healthy Sleep Solutions have sleep clinics in Australia that facilitate home sleep tests.

sleep apnoea home based sleep test diagnosis
Laboratory based sleep tests A laboratory test is conducted out of a sleep clinic laboratory

You will be required to sleep in a lab overnight and will be attended to by a sleep technician. Being tested in a laboratory means you will get more information about your sleep.

Laboratory tests at a sleep clinic are usually more suited to patients with complex sleep apnea, other sleep disorders or who are physically impaired.

sleep apnoea laboratory based sleep tests

Other sleep tests include the multiple sleep latency test. These are conducted out of a sleep clinic, and uses sensors to measure how fast you fall asleep. It can also be used to test for narcolepsy.

The maintenance of wakefulness test measures how well you can stay awake. It is often used to see if your sleep disorder treatment is working.

Sleep tests: the Healthy Sleep Solutions way

Healthy Sleep Solutions (HSS) is the largest home sleep test facilitator in Australia. On behalf of independent sleep physicians and working with the referring doctor we have tested and treated more than 100,000 patients.

Our sleep technicians will work with you to ensure you are well educated on the testing device and have the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

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