Try our sleep apnea symptom checker

Sleep apnea sufferers do not get the necessary amount of quality sleep needed to function correctly and maintain good health.

Use the tool below to see if you are at risk based on your symptoms.

Once complete print it out and take it to your doctor

Sleep apnea symptoms checker

Do you snore? [You may need to ask your partner]
Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed after sleep?
Do you fall asleep during the day?
Do you feel excessively fatigued or tired?
Do you suffer from morning headaches?
Are you irritable and/or moody?
Do you have indigestion?
Have you experienced a loss of sex drive?

You have symptom(s) that may indicate that you have sleep apnea. your health could be at risk, pleasebook for a sleep test.
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Use the STOP BANG sleep apnea screening tool to assess your risk

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