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Our sleep apnea partners

Sleep physicians Healthy Sleep Solutions works with a team of independent sleep physicians around Australia.

We facilitate sleep tests on behalf of the sleep physicians who will report on the findings, diagnose and provide management recommendations.

We also offer face-to-face and telehealth consultations with the patient’s sleep physician in an increasing amount of locations.

Information on the Patient Pathway
General practitioners (GP) & specialists We support thousands of GPs and specialists across the country by assisting them in managing their patient’s obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Our sleep technicians keep the doctor updated as their patient progresses along our Patient Pathway.

The beginning of the Patient Pathway starts with a referral from a doctor requesting a diagnosis and management recommendations for obstructive sleep apnea, the referral needs to satisfy the criteria determined by the sleep physicians.

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Technology providers

Diagnostics We offer our patients a convenient home based sleep study that can accurately diagnose sleep apnea.

Healthy Sleep Solutions use level two polysomnography (PSG) devices that surpass the government criteria for a home based sleep study. Our diagnostic partner is Natus, supplying the Emblettas used for the home based sleep study. Emblettas have been used to diagnose over half a million patients across the globe.

Natus is a leading provider of medical devices, software and services for many health areas including sleep.

Therapy CPAP & APAP (Continuous / Automatic Positive Airway Pressure)

Healthy Sleep Solutions work with the world’s three leading manufacturers of CPAP & APAP to ensure the patient receives tailored treatment. This increases their chances of going on treatment and remaining on treatment long term.

The sleep physicians working with Healthy Sleep Solutions are independent and receive no income from treatment.

MAS (Mandibular Advancement Splints) In line with our dedication to quality patient care, Healthy Sleep Solutions only refer patients to specialist dentists.

Healthy Sleep Solutions’ preferred provider of MAS is Somnomed; an Australian company and world leader in MAS.

Positional Devices Side sleeping can be used to treat some sleep apnea patients.

Healthy Sleep Solutions offer the Zzoma, a clinically proven positional device used to treat patients with positional sleep apnea.

Difference between CPAP and APAP?
What is a MAS?
What is positional sleep apnea?

Professional bodies

We support the Sleep Health Foundation and comply with RACP ethical standards

Healthy Sleep Solutions is a proud sponsor of the Sleep Health Foundation and are compliant with the Australasian Sleep Association’s (ASA) code of conduct for the provision of PAP.

We adhere to the ethical standards of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) for relationships between physicians and the healthcare industry.

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